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Food and Beverage

consulting firm

Evolving Definitions of Meals in American Culture: Insights from Culinary Experts

In response to the ever-evolving culinary landscape in the United States, our client embarked on a research endeavor with a specific and multi-faceted purpose.

The primary objective was to gain a comprehensive understanding of the definition of meals and how they have evolved over time to reach their current state. This exploration encompassed not only where meals originated but also how they have transformed and adapted over the years.


Analyzing the European Plant-Based Beverage Market: Best Practices Across the Value Chain

The primary aim was to gain a comprehensive understanding of the intricate market dynamics, with a specific focus on key players operating within this burgeoning sector.

Secondly, the objective was to extract valuable insights into the best practices employed by these industry leaders across the entire value chain. This encompassed various aspects, including sourcing, packaging, manufacturing, logistics, and more

market research firm

Market Trends and Customer Preferences in the Malaysian Food and Beverage Industry

In response to the ever-evolving landscape of the food and beverage industry, our client sought to gain a comprehensive understanding of this dynamic sector in Malaysia.

The primary objectives of this study were twofold: firstly, to evaluate the key market trends currently shaping the industry, and secondly, to delve into the intricacies of customer preferences, purchase processes, and selection criteria.

Marketing and Advertising


Video Advertising Strategies Across Diverse Markets

The central objective of this research initiative was to embark on an insightful exploration of diverse strategies employed in the realm of video advertising across distinct markets.

The overarching goal was to dissect these approaches, emphasizing their intrinsic strengths and weaknesses in alternative forms of media advertising.

video advertising provider

Decision-making in Digital Marketing Strategies and Live Video Adoption

The primary aim of this study was to delve into the intricate factors that influence the decision-making process regarding marketing strategies and the adoption of emerging digital platforms.

A specific spotlight was cast on understanding the motivations behind a company's choice to embrace diverse modes of digital marketing, with a particular emphasis on the burgeoning realm of live streams.

Transport and Logistics


Analyzing Airline Distribution Channels

The purpose of this project was a comprehensive exploration of the intricate dynamics that govern the distribution strategies employed by airlines.

The client wanted to discern how various airlines strategically utilize distribution channels to market their array of products and services and to gain a deep understanding of their experiences with these channels. Moreover, the endeavor aimed to identify the pain points and challenges faced during this multifaceted process.


Industry 4.0 Strategy Implementation Challenges in the Transportation Sector

Client wanted to understand the intricacies within the transportation industry, specifically concerning the implementation of Industry 4.0 strategies, our mission was to orchestrate a series of illuminating interviews with industry experts.

These experts were drawn from the ranks of transportation professionals who hold in-depth knowledge of their companies operations and are intimately acquainted with the challenges and obstacles encountered when striving to enact Industry 4.0 strategies effectively.

logistics profit recovery company

Profit Recovery in Maritime Logistics: A Strategic Perspective

Our client, a logistics profit recovery company, embarked on a mission to gain a deeper understanding of how maritime logistics forwarders and carriers, both within the United States and on an international scale, navigate the complexities of managing invoice errors and recovering profit leakage.

Our client sought to engage with senior decision-makers possessing the capability to contribute value on a strategic, company-wide level.



Automotive Sales Software Purchase Process

The goal was to facilitate a series of in-depth interviews with a total of 24 automotive industry executives

The overarching objective was to gain a profound understanding of the intricacies surrounding the purchase process for automated sales and marketing software solutions within this dynamic industry.

large corporate

Transforming Engineering and Manufacturing for Software-Defined Vehicles (SDVs)

Our client sought to embark on an insightful research endeavor with a profound focus on the automotive sector.

The primary objective was to delve into the intricacies of this emerging paradigm and, more specifically, to examine the transformative shifts that the Engineering and Manufacturing functions within incumbent Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) would need to undergo to successfully innovate and construct SDVs.

market research company

Exploring V2X Technology Trends in the European Automotive Industry

The core objective was to engage with senior executives representing leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) within Europe.

These executives were poised to provide invaluable insights into the current trajectory of V2X technologies in the automotive domain, along with a thorough evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages associated with the existing V2X technologies employed in automotive applications.

Healthcare and Lifesciences

gene therapy company

Canavan Diseases and Leukodystrophies

A gene therapy/biotechnological company researched to gain a better understanding of the current state of knowledge and practice in the field of Canavan Diseases and leukodystrophies, with a special focus on pediatric cases.

We were commissioned to recruit on two scopes: Payer decision makers with an in-depth understanding of gene therapies and participation in P&T committees, and Physicians and Medical Experts managing pediatric leukodystrophy cases within leukodystrophy centers of excellence.


Landscape of CKD Patients and Doctors

The objective of this research initiative was to gain comprehensive insights into the current diagnostic tests, pharmaceutical interventions, and treatment modalities accessible to patients afflicted with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).

Moreover, it sought to solicit professional opinions and feedback from medical practitioners in the field.


Landscape of Glaucoma

The primary objective of this study was to gain a comprehensive understanding of the treatment landscape for Glaucoma by consulting a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) physician practicing in either the private or public healthcare sector.

Financial Services

consulting firm

Investors choice of Investment Criteria

The primary aim of this research initiative was to gain a profound understanding of the pivotal criteria guiding both independent and institutional investors in their decision-making processes when venturing into commodity investments.

In this ever-evolving landscape, comprehending the determinants influencing these investment choices held paramount importance.

claims management service provider

Enhanced Asset value for Pension Funds Class Action

A highly specialized claims management service provider embarked on a strategic endeavor to craft a low-risk strategy geared towards a substantial enhancement in the asset value derived from securities class actions, particularly in the context of pension funds. The core objective centered on engaging in in-depth discussions with executives tasked with overseeing the companys claim recovery program.

This comprehensive study was driven by a desire to foster consultative dialogues that would illuminate the strategys market viability and determine the most effective approach for its presentation to discerning company decision-makers.


Wealth Management Platforms

Our client commissioned a quantitative research endeavor to delve into the intricate landscape of Wealth Management Platforms across key Asian financial hubs, namely Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore.

The primary focal point of this study lay in the exploration of Investment Technology Platforms currently adopted by prominent financial institutions operating in Hong Kong. Notable platforms, such as Aladdin Wealth, InvestCloud, MSCI, Temenos, Avaloq, and UBS Partner, constituted the subjects of keen interest.


electricity service provider

Energy Savings for Established Businesses

A forward-thinking electricity service provider recognized the need for an insightful market research initiative focused on energy savings within the business sector.

The overarching objective was to gather valuable insights that would not only enhance the providers ability to serve its customers effectively but also promote and support energy-saving practices in the business community.


Fuel Efficiency in Large Airlines

The goal was to gain a profound understanding of the prevailing practices within organizations concerning the mapping of fuel consumption

Notably, our partner expressed a keen interest in engaging with respondents representing major airlines to elicit their insights on these matters.

market research firm

Service Optimization through Cloud Services

A comprehensive qualitative research initiative was undertaken in the APAC region, focusing on the energy generation and distribution sector.

The primary goal of this research was to gain a nuanced understanding of how energy companies strategically leverage cloud services to enhance and optimize their operational processes

Manufacturing and Industrials


Daily Running and Operations of Buildings and Facilities Management

This research endeavor was undertaken to gain a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies surrounding the daily management and operations of buildings and facilities.

The primary aim was to provide our client with valuable insights into the multifaceted realm of facilities and building management.


Design and manufacturing of Traction Batteries

The principal aim of this study was to delve into the intricacies of designing and manufacturing traction batteries within Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

The overarching objective was to gain a comprehensive understanding of the processes and practices related to the production of these essential components in the automotive industry.

large corporate

Polymer Processing and Packaging Equipment Market

This research was tailored to encompass several critical facets, including blown film, cast film, thermoforming, extrusion, and coatings.

The targeted market segments spanned diverse industries, including but not limited to food and beverage, medical, cabling, and various industrial sectors.

Furthermore, our client sought to explore emerging markets and technology shifts that exert influence on equipment procurement, utilization, and the overarching growth of the market.

Technology and AI

confidential company

ITDMs in cloud security

The core objective of this research initiative was to gain a profound understanding of the prevailing unmet requirements among Information Technology decision-makers (ITDMs) in the realm of cloud security.

This encompassed the identification of their pain points and the formulation of potential solutions to address these challenges effectively.


Purchasing Trends in Technology

The primary aim was to gain profound insights into prevailing technology procurement trends in China.

The client's specific areas of interest encompassed technological innovation, procurement practices, and screening preferences among the respondents.

Multinational Technology comoany

App development

Machine learning models within large organizations

A multinational technology company comissioned a study on understating and managing machine learning models within large organisations

The purpose of this comprehensive study was to enhance the performance and reliability of machine learning models, with particular attention to scenarios where minimal manual intervention is involved

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