Compliance Framework


Insights Driven Research, LLC and its affiliates (together, “IDR,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) are actively involved in shaping and advancing compliance standards specific to expert networks. Our commitment to compliance is deeply ingrained in both our corporate identity and the fabric of our organization. We've harnessed state-of-the-art compliance systems and advanced technologies to establish a robust, transparent, and auditable framework that empowers our clients to access valuable insights while adhering to the highest professional standards and industry best practices

IDR clients highly value the expertise and insights provided by our experts. Simultaneously, they acknowledge and respect the constraints that govern the information our experts can share. Over the past three years, we've invested significant financial resources and time in developing a technologically advanced and comprehensive compliance system. This system and accompanying compliance protocols enable experts to effectively manage conflicts and align with our client's internal compliance requirements. Our compliance framework serves as a pivotal competitive advantage.

If you have any inquiries regarding compliance at IDR, please reach out to us via email at or by calling (+1) 512-651-3700.

IDR Experts

To be eligible for consultation with IDR, experts must agree (and annually resubscribe) to our terms and conditions. By doing so, they commit to the following:

  • Confirming their eligibility to participate as experts by reviewing relevant agreements they are bound by.

  • Declining participation in projects that would violate those agreements or any obligations to third parties.

  • Avoiding the disclosure of confidential information, including material non-public data, to IDR and/or its clients.

  • Safeguarding the confidentiality of IDR and/or its clients’ interests and information.

  • Promptly terminating any consulting project that involves topics they cannot discuss.

Terms and Conditions

Please review the current Terms and Conditions for IDR.


In addition to the aforementioned requirements, experts must annually complete IDR's exclusive interactive tutorial. This tutorial is designed for specific sectors, such as healthcare and technology, and is available in multiple languages. The content of the training modules is tailored to each expert's background within their respective sector. The tutorial explains the concept of confidentiality and enhances expert's awareness of any corresponding obligations they may bear. At the commencement of each engagement, experts are reminded that the disclosure of confidential information could potentially harm IDR and/or its clients. Even unintentional disclosures may compel our clients to discard extensive hours of research or suspend positions.

Conflict Management

In the realm of conflict resolution, it's not uncommon for experts to grapple with conflicts of interest. At IDR, we take a proactive approach to identify these conflicts and utilize this information to disqualify experts from projects in which conflicts may arise or where they may not be suitable. Among various essential measures, we implement Project-Related Profile Questions that help us gain insights into expert's conflicts and constraints. This aids us in evaluating whether experts possess the requisite expertise to offer valuable insights to our clients.

IDR places great emphasis on the rigorous screening of active IDR experts, a crucial aspect in maintaining the quality and integrity of our platform. Our systems store a vast repository of responses to screening questions, providing us with unparalleled data on expert conflicts and competencies. Additionally, our trained professionals aid experts in navigating potential conflicts and outlining our expectations for their participation in IDR projects. Experts receive explicit instructions to conclude any project posing an unforeseen compliance challenge, and they are assured compensation for the time committed, irrespective of the circumstances.


IDR's compliance systems are designed to safeguard our clients by reducing the risk of unintentionally seeking or receiving confidential information from our experts, and by regulating the kind of client information shared with experts. Our tailored solution play a crucial role in vetting and overseeing expert engagements, ensuring that clients are not connected with experts who may have conflicts of interest or are restricted from providing consultation services by their employers.

We are developing our web-based Project Oversight tools to empower clients with real-time monitoring of their primary research activities and the ability to implement their own engagement protocols with experts.

Through our compliance 'dashboard,' client oversight personnel will gain real-time insights into their firm's primary research activities, including relevant expert information such as biographies, responses to IDR profiling and client-specific oversight questions, as well as details about the expert's prior interactions with the client. Using the dashboard, oversight personnel can establish rules targeted at specific groups of experts. For example, they can configure the dashboard to notify their compliance teams or allow pre-approval of consultations based on various criteria. Clients can also create customized screening questions or declarations to support compliance efforts. Prior to engaging with any client user, each expert is required to review and respond to these screening measures. Clients will have the flexibility to tailor these questions to match an individual's area of expertise.

For Employers

IDR's compliance framework is crafted to account for any limitations imposed by employers on their employees capacity to act as experts. Certain employed experts are prohibited from engaging in projects connected to their present employer. Additionally, unless exempt based on their status, employed experts are obligated to secure consent from their employer to participate in written, in-depth, or ongoing projects. IDR keeps a database of employer preferences to facilitate the enforcement of any restrictions that organizations may have.

If you are an employer and wish to communicate any policies you have regarding external consulting, please don't hesitate to contact us at or call us at +1 (512) 651-3700.