Get valuable insights faster to make strategically important decisions.

In today's increasingly volatile business climate, access to timely and targeted external insights is mission-critical. Relying on prior contacts and old assumptions is sub-optimal.

IDR excels in finding uniquely valuable experts for your business needs. We were founded on the premise that significant inefficiencies exist in the expert network industry. IDR seeks to mitigate this.

Our unique approach to client service

  • Premium Expertise. An efficient operating model allows us to provide highly relevant experts significantly below old inflated market pricing. Premium expertise without premium pricing.
  • Flexible Pricing. No artificial minimum. No subscription requirement. IDR offers the convenience of pay-as-you-go, a flexible payment model.
  • Adaptable. Every business has unique needs, and we adapt our operations to meet particular business needs and rigorous diligence requirements.
  • Honest. We maintain transparency in our processes and provide clients and experts with clear and open communication.
  • Fast Turnaround. We connect clients with important stakeholders within hours.
  • Custom Recruitment. We custom recruit new experts based on client requirements at no extra cost.

Market Research

IDR facilitates connections between global market research clients and verified experts spanning various sectors and geographies. What distinguishes us is our team of over 200 international anaysts committed to the recruitment of new experts.

Our dedicated professionals operate from offices located in the USA, Asia, and Europe. Additionally, we are proud to be affiliated with ESOMAR and have achieved ISO 27001 Certification for Data Security, underscoring our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of information security.

What we offer

  • Flexible solutions. We match service offerings with your unique research objectives.
  • Unique experts. Access to selected experts only, identified via professional networks and industry events or publications, and vetted via work email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Quick turnaround. and possibility to select the best profiles for the final engagement.
  • Exemplary client service. with dedicated client service managers providing industry leading support.
  • Compliance framework. Strict and updated Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies, which guarantee the full transparency and confidentiality of our operations to both our clients and our experts.

Consulting Firms

Acquire expertise that can assist you in achieving the best results for your clients and attracting new business opportunities.

IDR connects consulting firms with subject-matter experts, including current and former C-suite leaders, decision-makers, and key opinion leaders, who can provide perspective on your unique challenges.

What we offer

  • Insightful Decision-Making Support. Provide your clients with detailed analyses and insights, enabling them to make well-informed decisions.
  • Sector-Specific Evaluations. Engage with top industry experts to evaluate new market opportunities and potential growth areas for your clients.
  • Consumer Behavior Analysis. Discover unmet customer needs and understand the decision-making processes of key target audiences.
  • Communication Strategies. Obtain quick and direct feedback from seasoned industry professionals on your marketing and communication strategies.
  • Competitive Advantage for Client Acquisition. Leverage specialized industry knowledge to enhance your proposals and secure new client engagements.

We work with all types of consulting firms

  • Management/Strategy Consulting Firms
  • Boutique/Specialized Consulting Firms
  • Consulting Arm of Advisory Firms
  • Technology/ Implementation Consulting Firms


Corporate executives trust IDR's premium knowledge-sharing services to enhance the growth and success of their businesses. Our exceptional insights and reliable research aid firms in strategy, development, and planning, while also adding value to their overall research capabilities. IDR offers personalized solutions to ensure that each client's goals are met.

Our services

  • C-Suite. Evaluate ways to optimize the business, engage senior-level advisory services discreetly and identify and implement operational improvements.
  • Business Unit Directors. Manage and analyze financial goals, product shifts, pricing trends, customer preferences, and market trends to identify new areas for growth.
  • Strategic Marketing. Validate and challenge assumptions to create a quantitative view of a market; define and measure end-user attractiveness; use market insight to find new product opportunities; assess new geographies for expansion.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions. Commissioned outsourcing for target screening and commercial due diligence, operational performance analysis, and industry trend identification for potential targets. Evaluated strategic and financial partnerships in existing or adjacent markets.
  • Market Research. Analyze market competition, threats, opportunities, and trends. Conduct primary research with key B2B and B2B2C stakeholders, and compare pricing for similar products among competitors.
  • Business Development. Analyze competition, threats, and opportunities. Conduct scenario planning by researching trends in new and existing markets. Compare business models and strategies of established players and new market entrants.

Financial Institutions

Our clients include mutual funds, family offices, hedge funds, investment advisories, insurance firms, and other managers who focus on fixed-income, equity, and alternative investments. We provide support to our clients throughout the investment cycle, from research and ideation to post-investment monitoring.

Some of our clients

  • Hedge Funds. IDR helps hedge funds gather strategic insights, assess value, and mitigate risk throughout the entire investment cycle. Depending on your needs, we can connect you with key opinion leaders through one-on-one calls, live meetings, on-site visits, board placements, or tailored surveys.
  • Private Equity. IDR helps private equity firms improve performance and reduce risk. Whether you need help with idea generation and origination or support for your targeted company research, IDR helps you gain qualitative and quantitative insights throughout the deal flow.
  • Investment Managers and Mutual Funds. IDR offers Financial Institutions access to primary market information by connecting them to the IDR's most extensive and diverse source of firsthand expertise. We provide support to our clients throughout the investment cycle, from research and ideation to post-investment monitoring.


What our clients say

“Consistently impressed with the caliber of experts brought to the table.”

Kip Creel
President & Founder StandPoint Group

“An amazing partner, with high quality standards.”

Ryan Lakra
Assistant Manager, Ipsos

“We have had the greatest interviews through IDR that have been critical to project success.”

Global Strategy Consulting Firm

“I've worked with IDR on a couple of projects over the last year or so, and it has always been positive. From recruitment to management, IDR's team have been great and a pleasure to work with. I've worked with a couple of different PMs and their colleagues, and they have always updated on time, understood the scope of the study and recruitment.”

Project Manager
Market Research Company

“IDR is knowledgeable and fast. They are able to custom recruit and handle stipulations and situations easily ensuring that your project is handled with ease and care.”

Jessica Wang
Senior Market Research Recruiting Coordinator, Magnolia Research

“IDR are my go-to for any tough B2B or Healthcare recruits - their quality is unmatched, and they're very responsive during every stage of the project. I know I wouldn't be as successful without IDR's partnership!”

Account Manager
Market Research Company

“IDR came through each time we needed them. We multi sourced our first few projects and IDR outperformed them all and has continued to deliver faster and more economically than their competitors.”

Managing Director

“The quality of IDR's executive recruits for qualitative research projects is tremendous. I would highly recommend them.”

Vice President
Qualitative Market Research, Market Research Company

“Since we have started collaborating with IDR in 2020, we have managed to engage with more and better participants, quicker. Our clients’ satisfaction has significantly increased, and so have the volumes of requests and sales. Consequently, our overall revenues have improved as well.”

Vice President
Qualitative Market Research, Market Research Company

“IDR connected us with a great variety of experts, most with niche profiles, some in difficult countries. All offered a great quality and quantity of insights. Compared to our previous approaches and partners, we have saved time, budget and stress.”

UK Strategic Consultancy

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