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IDR provides a range of solutions for your critical business needs

We provide flexible choices matching the needs of our diverse client partners.

Our Services

Our team of over 200 analysts worldwide is at your service for faster, better insights by leveraging our fast-growing network of the world's leading experts.


Focused insight generation globally and across industries through both primary value creation and secondary exploratory research.

We provide full-service project management, as well as stand-alone expert interviews (either IDR-moderated or Client-conducted), in addition to other modular services. All clients, regardless of methodology, have a dedicated project manager to provide ongoing support

Our services

  • Expert Interviews. Connect with Subject Matter Experts virtually or in-person to extract detailed insights and understanding.
  • Focus Groups. Leverage our diverse expert network to conduct collaborative sessions, gathering perspectives to gain expert insights and knowledge.
  • Full-Service Suite. Project Management, Translations, Recruitment, Incentive Handling, Moderation, Transcription, and Topline Reporting.
  • Bulletin Boards . Online platform facilitating asynchronous discussions and information exchange between multiple participants.
  • Expert Communities . A vital platform for professionals to engage, share knowledge, gain valuable insights, and network.


Data-based research approach, utilized to collect and analyze numerical and robust information, enabling statistical analysis and objective measurement of trends, patterns, and correlations for informed decision-making and strategic insights.

All clients, regardless of methodology, have a dedicated project manager to provide ongoing support.

Our services

  • B2B Surveys. Access our curated community of thought leaders and professionals for targeted insights and expertise.
  • B2C Surveys. Capture valuable insights from HNWI and other highly specific B2C populations to better understand trends and opinions.
  • Survey Programming. We design, program, and host survey questionnaires to gather targeted insights from experts.
  • Full-Service Suite. Project Management, Survey Design, Programming/Hosting, Language Overlay, Coding, Recruitment, Incentive Handling, and Data Analysis.

Insights Pro

Set up a highly customizable research methodology that fulfills your bespoke research objectives. Pick and choose any of our services in combination or as stand-alone offering.

All clients, regardless of methodology, have a dedicated project manager to provide ongoing support.

Our services

  • Workshops. Engage in virtual or in-person workshops led by industry experts, spanning flexible durations from hours to half or full-day sessions.
  • Strategic Advisory Boards. Engage in virtual or in-person strategic advisory boards to get guidance on enhancing services and delivering impactful solutions.
  • Engagements. Work with an industry professional on deal scenarios, short, or longer-term engagements.
  • Introductions. Looking for your next lead? Leverage our personal and professional networks to find qualified leads and potential consumers and arrange on-demand meetings with key business targets and partners.
  • Message Testing/Target Product Profile (TPP). Test messaging around products, features, or apps against a targeted group of people.
  • Staff Augmentation. Support with external hire, PT/FT, or ad-hoc, in the form of placement, workshops, or custom recruitment, where IDR recruits, screens, and provides one or more relevant resources.

Other Services

All clients, regardless of methodology, have a dedicated project manager to provide ongoing support.

Our services

  • Project Management. Leverage our team to efficiently oversee projects from initiation to completion with effective planning, coordination, and execution.
  • Moderation. Utilize our skilled moderators to foster creative discussions, maintain a balance and guide productive interactions.
  • Transcription. Convert professional conversations of spoken language into written text in English or local language(s).
  • Topline Reports. Need a quick snapshot? Get access to high-level executive summaries, providing a concise overview of the key findings, insights, and highlights.
  • Translation. Utilize our diverse teams and local partners to translate materials to any native language while preserving its meaning, tone, and intent.
  • Survey Programming and Hosting. We collaborate with external partners to design, host, and execute structured questionnaires to gather targeted insights from experts.
  • Survey, Screener, and Discussion Guide Design. We provide end-to-end research support through expert-designed surveys, targeted screening tools enabling efficient participant selection, and tailored discussion guides facilitating structured research.
  • Analysis and Synthesis. Combine qualitative and quantitative research methods to analyze and synthesize data for comprehensive insights.

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